Catherine TERRY’s activity is fully dedicated to Tax law and essentially individual international tax assistance, including :

Personal tax assistance :
 -  Study of the tax consequences when becoming a new French tax resident
 -  Preparation of French income tax returns
 -  Tax planning
 -  Assistance when leaving France
 -  Assistance concerning spontaneous regularizations of French tax situations

French Weath tax or « Impôt de Solidarité sur la Fortune » :
 -  Preparation of ISF tax returns
 -  Tax planning
 -  Assistance concerning spontaneous regularizations of French tax situations


Directors and senior executives :
 -  Tax planning concerning the remuneration of top executives : Stock options, bonus...

Tax audit :
-  Assistance for tax audits
 -  Acting on behalf of the clients with the French tax authorities
 -  Acting on behalf of the clients with the US tax authorities (IRS) and UK tax authorities (HMR&C)

Divorce :
French and international tax incidences :
-  Study of the tax impacts (French and foreign) and tax planning, coordination with lawyers expert in Family Law to evaluate the French and international tax consequences

Non-French tax resident :
 -  Tax planning of real estate investments

US tax :

 -  Preparation of US income tax returns in coordination with a US lawyer (registered at the Bar of Nice and New York) and accredited by the Internal Revenue Service
 -  Assistance for tax audits and requests from the IRS

International tax treaties :
 -  Expertise of the main European tax treaties
 -  Good knowledge of the local tax systems of the main foreign countries

International mobility of top executives :
Expertise in Tax Equalization policy and in employee mobility strategy for inbounds and outbounds :

 -  French and international tax planning for inbounds and outbounds employees
 -  Tax planning for compensating expatriates / impatriates in a tax-efficient manner
 -  Draft of « tax equalization » or « tax protection » policies
 -  Tax assistance when arriving / leaving France
 -  Measure of the tax consequences linked with setting up residency in France
-   Tax equalization calculations

Social Security Law – French and international agreements :
 -  Registration with the French Social Security authorities
 -  Optimization for executives with international responsabilities
 -  Optimization for French expatriate executives (Caisse des Français de l’Etranger)

Real estate tax planning :
 -  Tax planning on property investments realized in France or abroad

Individuals who benefit from foreign source dividends and gains from foreign Life insurance policy « Assurance Vie » :
 -  Assistance for the preparation of specific tax forms and payment of withholding tax required on foreign source dividends and taxable gains deriving from withdrawals from foreign Life insurance policies or « Assurance-Vie »
 -  Regularization of French tax situations

Others :
- Donations, Inheritance, Trust, Fiducie.

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